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By Request: Pillow Fort by katytowell By Request: Pillow Fort :iconkatytowell:katytowell 122 11 The Goosemother Scroll: The End by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: The End :iconkatytowell:katytowell 16 2
The Goosemother Scroll - The Conclusion
"Hello, Sister," said the other pig.
"This is a trick!" said Pyg, but deep within her, she knew the Master was Dawnsong, the brother taken in her stead on the night of their birth. But how did he know her?
"This is a trick!" she repeated as if to convince herself. "My mother said Dawnsong was dead!"
"Dawnsong? Is that what I was to be named?" said the Master. "I am named Strangeborn, but no one calls me that anymore. Your mother - that is, our mother - never took the trouble to find out what became of me. For that I can't blame her. Who is a pig against the wolves?"
The Master's voice dripped with sarcasm. Who, indeed, was a pig amongst the wolves? Why, himself. The leader of the worst of them.
"Our mother wouldn't have become a murderer to make peace with other murderers," Pyg spat.
The Master ignored this remark.
"I was taken, along with so many other newborn babes that night, by the persecuted," he explained. "Our deaths were to be revenge for the wolves' ill-treatment
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 18 13
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 15
The Unspeakable Oath. When the living make a deal with the dead. All who commit such dealings are doomed to serve the Ghosts of Men for a thousand years. For the dead men can claim the bodies of the living, but never their souls... without permission. Such permission Leap granted the spirits when he spoke in the ancient tongue aboard the black ship. In exchange, he asked for safe passage into the Elephant Lands and for the life of his friend. All this Estruthia had seen in the young wolf's eyes, but it was far too late for the priestess' magic to save him. Now the dead had claimed their prize and left a wound in Pyg's heart among so many others, each now scarred and hardened.
Back at the encampment, the tears of the grieving filled up the cracks of the parched earth. The elephant queen was dead, many of her fighters, too. And while the elephants fought and fled the dead men, an envoy had brought a message to the rhinoceros king. His city lay under siege, and all within would sta
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 9 5
The Goosemother Scroll: Loss by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: Loss :iconkatytowell:katytowell 17 2
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 14
All was quiet in the elephant graveyard. Here, the bones of the ancients lay scattered, huge and broken, like ruins of a once great city.
"Is it really all right for us to be here?" Pyg whispered to the ostrich priestess.
"It is an honor," the priestess answered. "An elephant's invitation to a graveyard is their way of introducing you to their ancestors as a friend. Her majesty is not only paying homage to the ancients but asking them to protect us."
Pyg nodded and watched as the queen and her soldiers wandered wordlessly among the bones, picking them up, curling their trunks around them. Weeks ago, Pyg would have thought it a peculiar custom. But weeks ago, she would have read about it in a book before a fire while her mother knitted and her brothers teased one another or bickered about something trivial. Everything she had known to be familiar and safe had been taken from her since then, and so she took comfort in what was meaningful in another land.
But something was n
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 7 6
The Goosemother Scroll: Elephant Bones by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: Elephant Bones :iconkatytowell:katytowell 11 3
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 13
The soldiers had prepared for an attack from the skies, but they had not prepared for so many foes. Foes who were better armed and organized than they. Foes who were certainly better fed. In the end, it was the rhinoceros king and elephant queen who won, but not without terrible loss.
Pyg could not feel sad for all the death around her now. She could only feel anger.
"It just keeps happening!" she said to Leap. "No matter what we do or where we go, trouble is always close behind!"
"You can't look at it like that," Leap told her. "You've lived through all of it so far, haven't you? You were meant for something important, Pyg. Like Father Longtail said."
"We've both lived through all of it," Pyg added. "So, maybe we're both meant for something important. I just wish we'd hurry up and find out what it was so we could go home."
Leap didn't say anything to that.
The next day, there was plenty to eat for all. It was bitter meat – the meat of their fallen enemies – but
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 7 1
The Goosemother Scroll: The Ambush by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: The Ambush :iconkatytowell:katytowell 39 1
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 12
And so it was war.
And though it was war, Pyg felt safer than she had since leaving her mother's home with her poor, unfortunate brothers. The rhinoceros king's army was twenty thousand strong with beasts of every fur, scale, and feather. Soon, they were joined by the elephant queen and her forces whose shortage of soldiers was made up for in the sheer size of those tusked fighters.
Pyg liked the elephant queen. She was as fierce as the horned king but to Pyg and Leap she was as gentle as Pyg's own mother.
"My daughter would have been your age, I think, had she not been taken from this world by evildoers," the queen told her.
Often, Pyg's thoughts returned to her mother, and she would feel very sad. She wondered if Mother knew that Strongheart and Meekfoot were dead. Was Mother even alive anymore? Had the Master's Legion destroyed her homeland?
I can't think about those things now, Pyg told herself. There's no going back. It never does any good to worry about places yo
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 8 1
The Goosemother Scroll: The Priestess of Gol by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: The Priestess of Gol :iconkatytowell:katytowell 18 4
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 11
"If your majesty will permit me, I believe I can divine the message of the parchment," said a silken voice.
The voice belonged to an ostrich with intricate designs painted upon her beak. A headdress of gold links and jewels crowned her head, her feathers were dusted with a greenish pigment, and Pyg could have sworn her eyes glowed a faint emerald color. As Pyg stared into those eyes, she suddenly found herself with the knowledge that the ostrich lady was Estruthia, the Priestess of Gol. How she knew this, Pyg couldn't have said.
The king nodded curtly, and the ibex handed the message to the priestess. Estruthia then waved a wing over the sodden page and muttered some words in a language Pyg had never heard until a light began to emanate from the shapeless stains that had once been words.
"Little Hog's words are true, your majesty," said Estruthia. "This message comes from the eldermouse Longtail, who bid both hog and wolf to bring it to you. The eldermice implore you to send you
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 8 2
The Goosemother Scroll: The Rhinoceros King by katytowell The Goosemother Scroll: The Rhinoceros King :iconkatytowell:katytowell 10 3
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 10
Their captors were beasts neither Pyg nor Leap had seen before. They looked like huge dogs but with peculiar rounded ears. They had blunt snouts and sharp teeth, and they punctuated their speech with eerie cackles that made them seem mad. Pyg had read about beasts like these before, but in writing, hyenas sounded so strange that she'd thought they were imagined. But once she had thought the Ghosts of Men were imagined, too, and she had now seen them for herself.
The hyenas bound Pyg and Leap and pushed them down a narrow, winding trail for at least three miles before they came to a clearing. In the clearing was a great tent of purple cloth, richly adorned with gold tassels and medallions. Two armored guards, one a cheetah and the other an ibex with enormous horns, flanked the entrance to the tent. Each carried bright yellow banners emblazoned with the same rhinoceros seal Pyg had seen in the traitors' graveyard. Could it be? Had she been delivered to the rhinoceros king himself?
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 8 3
Pyg and Leap and the Screaming Corpses by katytowell Pyg and Leap and the Screaming Corpses :iconkatytowell:katytowell 19 3
The Goosemother Scroll Episode 9
Pyg and Leap found themselves standing upon the shore of the elephant coast, Pyg watching the ghost ship vanish behind them, Leap shivering as he stared at the carnage before them.
"I wonder if he knew," said Pyg.
"Who? And, er, what?" asked Leap, who was transfixed by the sight of a rotting zebra.
"Father Longtail about the Ghosts of Men," answered Pyg. Her voice trembled. "About whatever happened here. Maybe we weren't expected to come back. Maybe that's why we were given such a useless excuse for a boat!"
She bent down, picked up a rock and threw it at the sun-dried carcass of a gazelle. The rock hit its target, disturbing a cluster of flies who cursed her as they scattered.
"Oh, no! Don't say that!" said Leap. "Father Longtail is good and kind! If he said we'd be safe, I believe he really thought so. And-and-and besides! The Rhinoceros King will help us. I heard he has dozens of ships. He'll get us home! I'm sure of it."
"I'm not so sure about a king who would allow all this to hap
:iconkatytowell:katytowell 11 3


The Goosemother Scroll ( Pyg's decision) by WhiteQueen94 The Goosemother Scroll ( Pyg's decision) :iconwhitequeen94:WhiteQueen94 14 10 ida by sunshineiden ida :iconsunshineiden:sunshineiden 2 5 Skary Gift For Katy Towell by Obeliskgirljohanny Skary Gift For Katy Towell :iconobeliskgirljohanny:Obeliskgirljohanny 7 2 Skary Childrin by BlitzKreg-Trixie Skary Childrin :iconblitzkreg-trixie:BlitzKreg-Trixie 127 20 elementary by len-yan elementary :iconlen-yan:len-yan 1,735 59 Queen of Hearts by LaurenCalaway Queen of Hearts :iconlaurencalaway:LaurenCalaway 564 63 Bloodfall by Saccstry Bloodfall :iconsaccstry:Saccstry 973 122 3D Drawing - Meal by NAGAIHIDEYUKI 3D Drawing - Meal :iconnagaihideyuki:NAGAIHIDEYUKI 8,717 2,096 Time and Space by Saimain Time and Space :iconsaimain:Saimain 5,499 456 Gnostic Cosmic Rasputin by rodluff Gnostic Cosmic Rasputin :iconrodluff:rodluff 200 23 Evil Returns by andreasrocha Evil Returns :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 6,073 317 what lies in the dark by Sofery what lies in the dark :iconsofery:Sofery 4 4 Katy Towell's El Despertar by rinipanini Katy Towell's El Despertar :iconrinipanini:rinipanini 45 6 Little Red Riding Hood by JoJoesArt Little Red Riding Hood :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 7,324 570 Skary mother and her daughter by black-dead-essence Skary mother and her daughter :iconblack-dead-essence:black-dead-essence 12 0 Ambition by chiachrome Ambition :iconchiachrome:chiachrome 5 5



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